Mega Cloud Stora

what is mega cloud storage
mega cloud storage as the name suggest it is cloud storage provider that provide free cloud storage upto 50gb. after using 50gb it can charge at per their basic standard plans
How to get free 50gb storage free
Before grab 50gb storage free you have to click on this link or visit and click on create an account
step-2,fill all the necessasary information and confirm the mail and you wii
how does it works…
it is based on cloud so the date and files are stored at their cloud platform

As we all know storing data and personal files and photos over the cloud become very secure because as we know the limitation of the harddisk it may disk failure but in cloud there is no any kind of disk failure.

End-to-End Encryption
Your MEGA files and chats are encrypted with keys controlled by you

If we see it as security purpose so it becomes very secure because users store data on Internet-connected servers. Data Centers manage these servers to keep the data safe and secure to access.

the best benefits of cloud storage is user can access remotely all over the world even in pc/laptop and smartphone

cloud storage v/s Normal storage
1.Very costly 1.Less costier
2.very secure 2.less secure
3.Access all over the world access
4.some companies provide limited free access speed 5.very low speed
6.It is virtual storage over the internet 6.It is physical storage device
7.Drive can be shared with anyone via link 7.Drive can’t be shareable because of physical storage

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